USB Wifi Receipt Printer Thermal

USB Wifi Receipt Printer Thermal

1. 80mm Direct thermal printer, 200mm/s speed. 2. Auto cutter,100KM cutter life. 3. USB+wifi port. 4. OEM support.

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Product Details

USB Wifi Receipt Printer Thermal

Production Advantages:

  1. High reliability, 100KM Cutter life and Head life, Cost-effective model.

  2. 200mm/s speed, support Max paper roll 80mm.

  3. USB+Wifi interface

  4. Easy to install paper structure, one-button design.

Wide Application and Product Show:

   Thermal printers have been widely used in POS terminal systems, banking systems, medical instruments and other fields.

   Commercial / retail, catering, logistics and other application fields.

   Post, railway, highway and other fields

mobile receipt printer bluetooth

Parameter feature:

mini thermal printer



Printing method

Direct    thermal

Roll paper


Paper width


Printing speed




Column capacity

576   dots/line  512 dots/line

Character size

ANK,Font   A:1.5×3.0mm(12×24dots)



Simplified /traditional  Chinese: 3.0×3.0mm(24×24 dots)

Line space

3.75mm(changeable   using commands)

Bar code



Code page

PC347(Standard   Europe), Katakana, PC850(Multilingual),

P C860(Portuguese), PC863(Canadian-French), PC865(Nordic),

West Europe, Greek, Hebrew, East   Europe,Iran, WPC1252, 

PC866(Cyrillic#2), PC852(Latin2), PC858, IranⅡ, 

  Arabic, PT151(1251)

Auto cutter


NV Flash

256k   bytes

Input buffer

64k   bytes

Cutter life

1   million cuts

Printer head life


Working environment

Temperature(0~45),  humidity(10~80%)

Storage environment

Temperature(-10~60℃),   humidity(10~80%)


Win   9X/Win 2000/Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1/Linux


Compatible   with ESC/POS

Gross weight



184×140×135mm   (D×W×H)

Power supply

DC   24V/2.5A

Cash drawer control

DC   25V/1A

Side button design, power button on the back

pos printer


Option: USB+Serial+ethernet, standard, has stock

Option 2: USB+wifi

Option 3: USB port only

android pos thermal printer

Shipping & Packing display:

Each unit has a color inner box, 12 units per a carton

Carton: 59*53*40cm

Gross weight: 24kgs

bluetooth printer 58mm

Common Problem:

1. Do thermal receipt printers need ink cartridges and ribbons?

   First, there is no need for ink cartridges, and install ribbons (ribbons). Its working principle

 of thermal printer is that a semiconductor heating element installed on the print head. After 

heated print head and contacts the thermal paper, the desired pattern can be printed.

2. Why does the thermal printer print blank paper?

   One is Thermal paper roll, It must be thermal paper, ordinary paper canot print. 

   If it is correct paper roll, you can check if the paper is installed backwards. Only one side can

 be printed, the printable side is smooth, after scratches with nails, it will appear black scratches.


3. Why the characters cannot be printed or printed blurred?

   Mostly the thermal head is stained. You can wipe it with alcohol to see if it can be improved. 

If it is still same, the thermal film is mostly broken and needs to be replaced. 

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