High Precision Weight Scale For Supermarket

High Precision Weight Scale For Supermarket

1. Latest weighting scales; 2. Comes with characteristics of display clearly; 3. Multiple function scale; 4. Reliability quality scales.

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Product Details

High precision weight scale for supermarket

This is a industrial digital weighting scale.

scales for store

Pricing scale:

Product accuracy: 3KG / 0.1G 6KG / 0.2G 15KG / 0.5G 30KG / 1G

Main functions: automatic backlight, automatic reset, automatic shutdown

Main units: G, CT, DWT, OZ, TL

Weighing pan size: 36 * 31 * 110CM

Weighing pan size: 32 * 23CM

scales for supermarket

Interface: RS232 for communication, DC in for power.


  1. Multi-functional integration

  2. Standard gradienter

  3. High quality material

  4. Experiment count

  5. Alarm settings

  6. CMC logo


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