Touch Screen Displays Are Used In All Areas

- Aug 09, 2017-

Touch screen display as a special computer peripherals, is the most simple, convenient and natural way of a human-computer interaction, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive devices.

Touch screen display in China's application is very broad, Touch Screen Monitor mainly public information query, leading office, industrial control, military command, video games, song order, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale, etc .; its use and promotion greatly facilitated People access and access all kinds of information.

The basic principle of the touch screen display: touch the touch screen display mounted on the front of the monitor with your fingers or other objects. The touched position (in coordinates) is detected by the touch screen monitor controller and sent to the CPU via an interface (eg RS232 serial interface) , Touch Screen Monitor So as to determine the input information.

The touch screen display system generally includes a touch screen display controller (card) and a touch screen display detection device in two parts:

The touch screen display controller receives the touch information from the touch screen display detection device and installs it into contact coordinates and sends it to the CPU while receiving commands from the CPU and executed.

Touch screen display detection device is generally installed in the front of the display, mainly to detect the user's touch position, Touch Screen Monitor and sent to the touch screen display control card.

As the touch screen display technology is simple and easy to operate, can better achieve human-computer interaction easy sense of experience, durable and practical features are widely used in various fields. So how do you pick a touch screen monitor? Follow Xiaobian look at the next bar

1 first touch screen display is stable, touch screen display is very convenient and easy to operate, but if there is a lot of trouble, so the choice of touch screen display, Touch Screen Monitor the stability of the work must be in the first and most Basic needs.

2 Secondly, if the touch screen display can be handwritten text and image recognition, it will be more in line with people's choice. Because people in the course of operation, in addition to touch, Touch Screen Monitor but also possible to write and write, if you can identify and deal with this information, this technology will be more convenient to press.

3 Another price is of course also a very important consideration, because individuals and families on the touch screen display consumption more and more, so the price advantage will undoubtedly increase the attractiveness.

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