Touch Screen Display Using The Most Advanced Sound And Light Technology

- Oct 09, 2017-

Touch screen display is touch touch screen and monitor integrated in one touch display device (input and output devices), is the most simple, convenient, natural human-computer interaction device. There are CRT touch screen displays and LCD touch screen displays. Mainly used in office, home, Touch Screen Monitor conference venues and training centers, as well as for touch the one machine manufacturing.

Touch screen display is ultra-thin energy-saving LED LCD screen, the latest technology infrared touch glass, high configuration host, audio, whiteboard technology integrated into the ultra-thin shell inside the touch screen one machine, you can connect directly to the Internet, Touch Screen Monitor you can completely discard Mouse and keyboard.

Combined with the use of multimedia production tools, combined with teaching software, text, images, animation, high-definition video, audio, electronic files, Internet information and other multimedia materials vividly displayed to the public, to give the audience the greatest visual impact and unprecedented touch feel.

Touch screen display using the most advanced sound and light technology, the display are dedicated LCD panel, the world's leading image processing technology, Touch Screen Monitor the world's most advanced multi-point infrared touch screen, the operation more agile and smooth, the new interactive experience fully embodies the human-computer interaction The unique charm of public places is the best choice

Application Environment:

Products are widely used in interactive teaching courseware, newspaper software, visitor software, tax inquiry system, hotel service inquiry system, building monitoring system, traffic inquiry system, medical public inquiry system, property transaction analysis system, banking inquiry system, Touch Screen Monitor tourist attractions Navigation system, shopping mall tour guide system, telecommunications business open, exhibition exhibition touch navigation, government departments open system, public places query navigation system, high-end entertainment and leisure places query tour, business meetings or reception hall and many other public occasion.

Technical advantages:

• Specialized and simple design

• Long life and high reliability machine design, the service life of more than 50,000 hours

• Customized by appearance and function according to customer requirements

• Standby and sleep mode energy-saving design, Touch Screen Monitor in line with US Energy Star requirements

• Long, continuous and stable operation guarantee (24 hours continuous operation)

• Wireless devices can be managed remotely

• Automatically perform query tasks based on user-defined settings

• Factory 100% color temperature adjustment, Touch Screen Monitor the color performance is more prominent

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