Touch Screen Display Operation More Convenient

- Sep 12, 2017-

Today, touch displays are available in a variety of handheld consumer electronics, medical applications, vending machines / ticketing machines / ATMs, sales terminals (POS), industrial and process control equipment. Touch screen displays are gradually entering the office automation, automotive and marine instrumentation, Touch Screen Monitor home appliances and game console applications.

Touch screen display operation there are many places depending on the touch mode of operation, for example, the following start menu call out must be very smooth way to open the touch, if the mouse operation, the mouse must be parked at the edge of a period of time will show the start menu , Touch Screen Monitor And even the wrong location of the mouse, the icon has not shown the beginning, fluency discount. This is only one hand, there are many places in the operation need to touch to smooth operation

A variety of home entertainment casual games need to touch the screen display.

Sometimes the game needs to be shared with people, the big screen touch the game although some tired to play, but in the sharing process is much better than the small screen. Touch Screen Monitor Such as cutting watermelon this game, there are EXE class in the WINDOWS installer. You can play under the WINDOWS, in the fun with the family to share the performance is better, of course, if a person's Cock silk looks like this fun can not share to others.

Touch screen support handwriting, chat with people QQ can be written directly on the screen.

Hand-written chat with this function may not be much, accustomed to the keyboard typing we use the keyboard quickly, but for our parents, Touch Screen Monitor especially the older generation, Touch Screen Monitor they may not how to type, and touch screen display is the advantage of Can be typed directly on the screen handwriting.

Web page text zoom, through two fingers to zoom in and out.

This function is also suitable for the elderly, touch screen display resolution is getting higher and higher, the screen size has changed little, Touch Screen Monitor resulting in the page to see the news font is small, and habitual we want to enlarge the font to watch, touch screen display in this area more convenient, two The root finger can zoom in and out. Of course, hold down the middle of the ctrl + wheel can also zoom in and out of the screen, but the use of smooth feel and randomness, the touch to bring better feelings.

Move fast, click exactly.

If you use the mouse to quickly click on an icon, I believe that most people can not once in place, accurately open or close, but the mouse moved in the past, Touch Screen Monitor in the vicinity of the location, and then open, do not believe you try to move the mouse directly to the upper right corner Drop the arrow there click on the page to shrink, can you make a one-time accurate click on it? And touch the type of monitor is your finger or touch pen directly to the click, can be very fast and accurate one-time in place. See the page to see the news can be a one-time point of their own want to see the information hyperlinks. This is a relatively large advantage of touch screen displays.

The last thing to say is that the touch screen display at this stage only provides an additional mode of operation that can be used to compensate for the lack of keyboard and mouse operation, does not mean that the touch completely replace the keyboard and mouse operation. Touch Screen Monitor Touch screen display can also use the keyboard and the mouse, which way to facilitate the smooth flow of which way to operate, this is what is now pursued.

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