Touch Screen Display Maintenance Tips

- Aug 31, 2017-

Touch screen display can display more content, the operation directly through the touch screen operation, simple and direct operation

In the rapid development of science and technology today, professional touch screen display has been widely used. In the mall, the hotel, the office hall and even some downtown sections of the street, touch screen display for our work and life provides a great convenience, Touch Screen Monitor but also more and more people can not do without it. Now cost-effective touch screen display life is not short, but its maintenance is still worthy of our attention.

The following describes the use of touch screen display "4 do not" maintenance method.

First, do not use the touch screen for a long time in high temperature environments

Do not use it for long periods of time at high temperatures. Touch Screen Monitor When the ambient temperature is as high as 40 ° C, it will cause the capacitive screen drift of the touch screen, which will cause direct scrapping of the touch screen display, causing economic loss to the company or the individual.

Second, do not let the strong magnetic field close to the touch screen display

Use must avoid the electromagnetic field, because the magnetic field will cause the temporary failure of the capacitive screen (serious and may even cause permanent damage). Touch Screen Monitor Need to pay attention to audio and other items with magnetic, do not let it close to the touch screen display.

Third, do not let it have a serious electrostatic effect

Electrostatic effect is easy to breakdown capacitor screen, although the touch screen display capacitive screen surface of the glass have been a certain anti-static treatment, Touch Screen Monitor but can only withstand a certain intensity of static electricity, so the choice of touch screen display protective film must pay attention, Try to choose a strong anti-static protective film.

Four, do not let the oil, sweat touch the touch screen

Because the oil, sweat, etc. touch the touch screen will be covered in the above to form a dense conductive layer caused by screen drift, so the touch screen display should be away from oil and sweat.

Electronic products in the use of convenience at the same time we need to love it from the details of it, high-quality touch screen display is no exception. Touch Screen Monitor Consumers in the use of touch-screen display when the above note 4 points, good maintenance touch screen display, so that the excellent performance of the machine to give full play, both to extend its life and reduce the unnecessary economic losses.

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