Touch Screen Display Is Widely Used

- Sep 21, 2017-

Touch-screen display allows users to use their fingers to touch the computer screen with the image or text to achieve the host operation, so get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, so that the human computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public hall information inquiries, leadership office, video games, VOD order, multimedia teaching, ticket/train ticket pre-sale.

Touch-screen displays are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, Touch Screen Monitor resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen three categories.

According to the medium and working principle, can be divided into resistive, capacitive, infra-red and surface acoustic wave type.

Touch-screen display is a new type of man-machine interaction input, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch screen input more intuitive. With the recognition software, Touch Screen Monitor the touch screen can also achieve handwriting input. The touch screen consists of a detection part and a touchscreen controller mounted in front of the monitor screen. When the finger or other object touches the touchscreen on the front of the monitor, the touch position is detected by the touchscreen controller and sent to the host via an interface (such as a RS-232 serial port).

In the rapid development of science and technology today, professional touch screen display has been widely used. In the shopping malls, hotels, Touch Screen Monitor office halls and even some of the streets of the busy road, touch-screen display for our work life provides a great convenience, but also more people can not leave it. Now the cost-effective touch screen display life is not short, but the maintenance of it is still worth our attention.

The following is a "4 do not" maintenance method using a touch screen display.

Do not use the touch screen for a long time under high temperature environment

Do not use in the high temperature of the sun for a long time, Touch Screen Monitor when the ambient temperature up to 40 ℃ will cause the touch screen of the capacitive screen drift, long-term so will lead to touch screen display of direct scrap, to the company or individuals to cause economic losses.

Second, do not let strong magnetic field near the touchscreen display

The electromagnetic field must be avoided when used, because the magnetic field can cause temporary failure of the capacitive screen (severe or even permanent damage). Need to pay attention to audio and other magnetic items, do not let it near the touch screen display.

Third, do not let it produce serious electrostatic effects

Electrostatic effect easy to penetrate the capacitive screen, although touch-screen display of the capacitive screen surface of the glass has been a certain anti-static treatment, Touch Screen Monitor but can only withstand a certain intensity of static electricity, so in the selection of touch screen display protection film must pay attention to, as far as possible to select Anti-Static ability Strong protective film.

Four, do not let oil, sweat touch the screen

Because the oil, sweat and other touch screen will be covered in the above to form a dense conductive layer and cause screen drift, so touch screen display should be far away from oil and sweat.

Electronic products in the use of convenience, Touch Screen Monitor but also need us to take care of it from the details, high-quality touch screen display is no exception. Consumers in the use of touch-screen display when paying attention to the above 4 points, Touch Screen Monitor good maintenance touch screen display, so that the excellent performance of the machine, not only to extend its service life and reduce unnecessary economic losses.

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