Touch Screen Display Applications Are Widely Used

- Aug 21, 2017-

Touch screen display allows users to gently touch the computer screen with the icon or text on the host can be achieved on the host operation, so get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, so that human-computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public places hall information query, leading office, video games, song a la carte, multimedia teaching, ticket / train ticket pre-sale and so on. Products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen display three categories.

Touch screen display classification

Touch screen display according to the media used and the working principle, Touch Screen Monitor can be divided into resistive, capacitive, infrared and surface acoustic wave variety.

Touch screen display technology

Touch screen display technology is a new type of human-computer interactive input mode, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input, touch screen display input more intuitive. With the identification software, touch screen display can also achieve handwriting input. The touch screen display consists of a detection part mounted in front of the display screen and a touch screen display controller. Touch Screen Monitor When a finger or other object touches a touch screen display mounted on the front of the display, the touched position is detected by the touch screen monitor controller and sent to the host via an interface (eg RS-232 serial port).

Touch screen display function

Multi-function smart board and computer, projector together to form a large touch screen display, the computer's screen through the projector projection to the smart board to teach the pointer or finger instead of the mouse to operate the computer on the smart board, Touch Screen Monitor control Windows or Macintosh and its application software.

Touch screen display type

Touch screen display according to the media used and the working principle, can be divided into resistive, capacitive induction, infrared and surface acoustic wave four. Touch-screen display from low to high-grade step-by-step upgrade and development: from the resistance, Touch Screen Monitor infrared to capacitive induction and surface acoustic wave.

1, capacitive touch screen display

Capacitive touch screen display Transparent metal layer on the glass plate as a conductor, in the touch screen display on both sides of a narrow electrode, in the conductor to form a low voltage AC electric field. When the finger touches the metal layer, when there is a conductive object touch, Touch Screen Monitor it will change the contact capacitance, the four sides of the electrode current will flow to the contact, the controller through the current can determine the touch position information. As the capacitance with temperature, humidity or ground conditions vary, so the stability of poor, often produce drift phenomenon.

2, resistive touch screen display

Resistive touch screen display is basically a thin film with a glass structure, when touched, the thin film ITO will come into contact with the upper ITO ITO, through the sensor came a message, Touch Screen Monitor and then sent from the controller to the computer side, by driving The program translates to the X, Y value on the screen, and completes the click action and presents it on the screen.

As the touch screen display technology is simple and easy to operate, can better achieve human-computer interaction easy sense of experience, durable and practical features are widely used in various fields. So how do you pick a touch screen monitor?

1 first touch screen display is stable, touch screen display is very convenient and easy to operate, but if there is a lot of trouble, so the choice of touch screen display, the stability of the work must be in the first and most Basic needs.

2 Secondly, if the touch screen display can be handwritten text and image recognition, it will be more in line with people's choice. Because people in the course of operation, Touch Screen Monitor in addition to touch, but also possible to write and write, if you can identify and deal with this information, this technology will be more convenient to press.

3 Another price is of course also a very important consideration, because individuals and families on the touch screen display consumption more and more, so the price advantage will undoubtedly increase the attractiveness.

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