Touch Screen Display Applications Are Increasingly Widespread

- Oct 27, 2017-

Touch screen display is a new type of human-computer interactive input mode, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input, touch screen display input more intuitive. With the identification software, touch screen display can also achieve handwriting input. The touch screen display consists of a detection part mounted in front of the display screen and a touch screen display controller. Touch Screen Monitor When a finger or other object touches a touch screen display mounted on the front of the display, the touched position is detected by the touch screen monitor controller and sent to the host via an interface (eg RS-232 serial port).

Multi-function smart board and computer, the projector together to form a large touch screen display, the computer's screen through the projector projection to the smart board to pointer or finger instead of the mouse on the smart board to operate the computer, Touch Screen Monitor control Windows or Macintosh and its application software.

The surface of the touch screen display does not require special coating. The corner of the touch screen display is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer that can send a high frequency sound wave across the screen surface. When the finger or other object can absorb or block the sound energy of the object touch screen display screen, through the finger part of the acoustic energy is partially absorbed, Touch Screen Monitor according to the receiver signal changes can determine the coordinate position. Compared with other types of touch screen display, the surface acoustic wave touch screen display from the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, high resolution; good light transmission, to maintain a clear and transparent image quality; fast response; Pressure shaft) response, Touch Screen Monitor so the application is increasingly widespread.

Touch screen display according to the media used and the working principle, Touch Screen Monitor can be divided into resistive, capacitive induction, infrared and surface acoustic wave four. Touch-screen display from low to high-grade step-by-step upgrade and development: from the resistance, Touch Screen Monitor infrared-type capacitive induction and surface acoustic wave.

Touch screen display is the absolute coordinate system, which to choose which point directly, and the relative positioning system such as the mouse is a fundamental difference between the intuitive. Absolute coordinate system is characterized by the fact that each positioning coordinate has nothing to do with the last positioning coordinates, the touch screen display is physically a set of independent coordinate positioning system, Touch Screen Monitor each touch of data through the calibration to the coordinates of the screen, so that Requires touch screen display This set of coordinates no matter under what circumstances, the same point of the output data is stable, if unstable, then the touch screen display can not guarantee absolute coordinate positioning.

Touch screen display screen types are flat, spherical, cylindrical, LCD four types.

Touch screen display is a multi-layer composite film, only a little transparent to summarize its visual effects is not enough, it should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, clarity and clarity, of course, Reflective degree, Touch Screen Monitor including the degree of mirror reflection and diffraction degree of reflection, but the touch screen display surface diffraction reflex has not reached the extent of the CD, the user, the four features have been basically enough.

Touch screen display main components touch screen display and display integrated devices and has the function of input and output devices, according to 4-wire touch screen display, 6-wire touch screen display, 8-wire touch screen display, infrared touch screen display, surface acoustic wave touch screen display, Touch Screen Monitor capacitive touch screen display. Touch screen display is also divided into CRT touch screen display and LCD touch screen display of the basic two touch screen display. Touch screen display shape with the ordinary display no significant difference, but more than a regular display of a touch screen display signal line.

Touch screen display is mainly used in public places hall information query, leading office, video games, song a la carte, multimedia teaching, ticket / train pre-sale and so on.

Touch screen display installation

(1) The purpose of disassembling the display is to completely expose and remove the front cover of the CRT to the front surface of the CRT to install the touch screen display.

(2) Disconnect the monitor Precautions (touch screen display)

Remove the CRT, must not catch or hit the CRT neck and the electron gun (touch screen display), because the electron gun is a glass structure, very easy to be bad, so remove the CRT must take into account the safety of the gun, Facing up in a plastic bucket.

(3) the whole display before the cover to remove the CRT and monitor the front cover, Touch Screen Monitor try to put the touch screen display into the front cover of the monitor, the general design of the front cover some of the ribs, these ribs mainly in the production process stripping , Touch Screen Monitor It may be cut with a diagonal pliers if it hinders the placement of the touch screen display or feels that it may hurt the wire on the edge of the touch screen display (it is best to smooth the cut after cutting, because the cut is too sharp May hurt the touch screen display on the edge of the wire, such as space allows, etc., you can use foam double-sided adhesive paste).

(4) paste the dust in the front cover of the display on the dust cover has two roles:

1, only the pressure bad transducer. Some monitors such as PHILIPS front cover box height is not enough, if not posted dustproof into the touch screen display will make the transducer is crushed, resulting in touch screen display can not be used, this phenomenon is still prominent in the flat display , Paste the dust can be put into the space for the transducer, so as to solve this problem.

2, only outside the dust into the touch screen display stripes. Touch screen display stripes if the dust accumulation will lead to too much touch reaction, local touch failure and other issues, paste the dust can effectively solve this problem.

(5) paste double-sided adhesive. In the picture tube outside the visible area labeled double-sided adhesive, to be pasted touch screen display and then double-sided adhesive tape peeled off.

(6) full display back cover. In order to observe the working status of the control box, it is recommended to install the control box on the outside of the display. But if for the sake of the control box can be double-sided adhesive or try to use screws to fix the inside of the display, Touch Screen Monitor while the use of diagonal clamp in the back cover of the monitor can be cut through a screen or serial line of small holes : The control box and outlet hole position is not fixed, so as not to affect the display of the internal space, Touch Screen Monitor does not affect the display re-install the main).

(7) clean, paste the touch screen display. Use glass cleaner and suede to thoroughly clean the two surfaces of the touch screen display while cleaning the surface of the monitor. After the cleaning is completed, the touch screen display is centered in the center of the screen. Touch Screen Monitor Note that the reflective stripes of the touch screen display are as far as possible in the visual area of the picture tube, and the touch screen display has three sides of the transducer , And immediately with high temperature tape tightened four sides of the gap, to ensure that the cracks do not enter the dust.

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