Touch Display Principle Is Simple

- Mar 04, 2017-

Touch display principle is very simple, simply put, is installed on the display touch screen, with touch-enabled display. Markets were relatively popular LCD touch display (CRT has gradually withdrawn from rivers and Lakes). According to the different installed touch-screen, is generally divided into resistive, capacitive, acoustic wave, infrared-four; the market is used in touch screen resistive touch screen, because the installation is relatively simple. Home has specialized in spontaneous mold design-one touch monitor company, its not like that other monitors on the market to be modified, and modified quality problems touch display, integrated development and design of the touch display is less prone to damage the touch screen.

Touch monitor from a positive angle, with no significant difference between normal monitor from behind, then more than a normal monitor signal line, signal line connected touch screen. General when the monitor is in use, and generally does not require special drivers, and touch monitors in use must have a dedicated touch screen driver, would not be able to touch.

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