Thermal Printer Has A Wide Range Of Applications

- Oct 09, 2017-

The thermal printer has been used for many years, but it was not used until high quality bar code printing until the early 1980s. The principle of a thermal printer is to coat a layer of transparent film on a pale material (usually paper) and turn the film into dark (usually black and blue) for a while. Thermal Printer The image is generated by heating and producing a chemical reaction in the membrane. This chemical reaction is carried out at a certain temperature. High temperature will accelerate this chemical reaction. When the temperature below 60 ℃, the film needs to go through a long, or even up to several years to become dark; and when the temperature is 200 ℃, this reflection will be completed in a few microseconds.

The thermal printer selectively heats the determined position of the thermal paper, Thermal Printer thereby producing a corresponding pattern. The heating is provided by a small electronic heater on the printhead in contact with the thermosensitive material. The heater is arranged in the form of a square or strip in the form of a logic control by the printer, and when driven, a pattern corresponding to the heating element is produced on the thermal paper. Control the heating logic of the same logic circuit, Thermal Printer but also control the feed, which can be printed on the entire label or paper graphics.

The most popular thermal printer uses a fixed printhead with a heated lattice, with the printheads shown in the figure, with 320 square points, each 0.25mm × 0.25mm. With this dot matrix, the printer can print the dot at any position on the thermal paper. This technology has been used on paper printers and label printers.

The paper feed speed is usually measured as a thermal printer when the speed is 13 mm / s. However, when the label format is optimized, some printers can play twice the speed. This thermal printer process is relatively simple, and thus can be made into a portable battery-driven thermal label printer. Thermal Printer Due to the flexible format of the thermal printer, the image quality is high, fast and low cost, it prints out the bar code label is not easy to store in the environment above 60 ℃, or exposed to ultraviolet light (such as direct sunlight) Time to store. Therefore, Thermal Printer the thermal bar code label is usually limited to indoor use.

Thermal printer, the use of thermal printing technology, that is, the use of specialized thermal paper, chemical reaction at high temperatures and discoloration, in order to achieve the effect of printing. In addition to needle printing, thermal printing technology with a small noise, fast, Thermal Printer clear print and other characteristics, is now in the banking system, POS terminal systems, medical equipment, and other aspects of a wide range of applications.

Thermal printer principle - - thermal paper

Thermal paper is a special paper used in thermal printing. It consists of a layer of plain paper and a layer of heat-sensitive coating (mainly containing levure fuel and color reagent), this paper does not occur at room temperature Chemical reaction, in the "latent" state, and at high temperatures, the thermal coating in the hidden color of the fuel and the reaction of a color reaction to produce a certain color, Thermal Printer and the higher the temperature, the faster the color change. So contact with the print head, you can choose the desired color change position to print out the required content.

For thermal printers, literally can be understood as the use of sensitive elements in the heating state of the chemical reaction to print the instrument, Thermal Printer which will heat the printer to describe the principle of printing most vividly. A print head for heating the thermal paper on the print head of the thermal printer; a print head for selecting a desired print position or image; a thermal paper for receiving a printing position and performing discoloration at a high temperature To achieve the purpose of printing.

Thermal printer: advantages: low noise, fast, easy to print, easy to use;

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