There Are Two Ways To Open The Cashier Box

- Jun 08, 2017-

Cashier cash box can be divided into electric and manual two open way. The electric way is to send the signal to the solenoid valve and open the cashier box. Manual way is to use the key to open directly. 3. The voltage range of the cashier's cash box? There are two kinds of voltage of the cash box, 5V and 24V, in order to meet this voltage range, Cash Drawer so the cash register valve design voltage of 18V ± 6V, so no matter what Voltage can make the solenoid valve action. 4. Connection method of the cashier connection cable The connection of the cashier box connection cable is RJ-11 head to connect with the printer or customer display or cashier box, the same shape as the ordinary telephone line connector. RJ-11 head allows a total of 6 cores, of which the left and right of the core is generally blank is invalid, then left the middle of the 4-core can be used. Drive cashier only need to +, - two lines, Cash Drawer so some drive equipment to use 2,4 feet, some use 3,5 feet as +, - poles. Please contact the manual. 5.POS cashier installation and drive method First open the principle of POS cashier box is very simple, that is, to the cashier box to send a 5V (some cashier box is 24V) pulse signal, cashier box opened.

Cashier box is very small, but it has a different interface, and some similar telephone line connector, and some only two wires, some COM port, and some are LPT port, Cash Drawer installation and connection methods are also different, Software-driven way is not the same. There are three ways to install: the first: If you have a paper printer, the general bill printer has a cash register on the back of the drive interface, the cashier's box RJ11 connector (similar to the telephone line connector) connected to the back of the paper printer Drive interface, the general note printer is connected to the COM port or LPT port, and then through the software to the COM or LPT port to send a signal, so you can open the cashier box; and drive the cashier box drive instructions are sent through the ticket printer , So the cashier's cash box is irrelevant, the paper printer suppliers will provide you with the model printer driver cashier instructions, you can add the instructions to your POS front desk software can be. The second: If you do not use the paper printer, buy a cashier box driver card, the card is equipped with open cashier's EXE file, the cash register box connected to the cashier box (the interface is similar to COM port , Some similar to the LPT port, some R11 interface, some directly with two lines), and then in your software program call the order, the cashier box card will send cash to the cashier box, so you can open the cash register Cash box. Because the cashier's cash box interface and cashier box interface card will be different, Cash Drawer resulting in the connection is not, we have seen the cash register only two lines, there is no connector.

At this time do not have to worry about, because the cashier cash box interface, but by the two lines, one is the positive, one is negative, cashier interface card card the same reason, as long as the pair on it. The third: in some industrial computer board or brand POS machine, it will have a COM port can provide 5V current, then the cash box directly to the connection can be connected to the interface, but the cashier box must be COM port Connector of the cashier's cash box, and the software is also simple, just send the signal to the COM port can be, Cash Drawer but this signal with a password, according to the needs of customers to set.

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