The Use Of Bar Code Scanners Has Been Very Common

- Aug 09, 2017-

A bar code is a set of bars, empty symbols, which are used to represent certain characters, numbers, and symbols. Barcode Scanner is an automatic recognition system consisting of bar code design, production and scanning. Barcode technology has the following advantages:

1, the input speed: compared with the keyboard input, Barcode Scanner bar code input speed is 5 times the keyboard input, and can achieve real-time data input.

2, high reliability: keyboard input data error rate of one-third, the use of optical character recognition technology error rate of one ten thousandth, and the use of bar code technology error rate of less than one millionth.

3, the collection of large amount of information: the use of traditional one-dimensional bar code can be collected at a time tens of characters of information, two-dimensional bar code can carry thousands of characters of information, and a certain degree of automatic error correction.

4, flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification alone, Barcode Scanner can also be associated with the identification of equipment to achieve a system to achieve automatic identification, and other control equipment can be connected to achieve automated management.

In addition, bar code labels easy to make, the equipment and materials without special requirements, bar code scanner easy to operate, do not need special training, and the equipment is relatively easy. Barcode Scanners, also known as barcode scanners, barcode readers, barcode scanning guns, barcode scanners, Barcode Scanner barcode scanning guns and bar code readers. It is used to read the information contained in the bar code reading device, the use of optical principles, the contents of the bar code after decoding through the data line or wireless transmission to the computer or other equipment. Widely used in supermarkets, logistics courier, Barcode Scanner library and other scanning products, documents bar code.

The use of bar code scanners in various industries is already very common. But for the novice may still be a bit confused, if you are using usb interface that your use is very simple, only need to connect your device, you can use. What is the use of bar code scanner? General test or a simple understanding of the use of the scanner steps are very simple:

1 Insert the scanner, (until you hear the bar code scanner successfully installed the tone)

2 Open EXCEL (or any software that can enter text)

3 Position the cursor to the cell you want to enter

4 scan bar code (according to the need to set the scanner scan mode, such as scanning after the carriage return, line, continuous scan)

5 scan completed, save.

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