The Principle Of Touch Screen Display

- Jul 28, 2017-

Touch-screen display is a transparent and absolute positioning system, first of all it must be guaranteed to be transparent, therefore, it must solve the problem of transparency through material technology, such as digitizer, WordPad, elevator switch, they are not touch screen, and then it is absolute coordinates, finger touch which is which, do not need a second action, unlike the mouse, is a relative positioning system

The main three types of touch screen display are: Resistive technology touch screen display, Surface acoustic technology touch screen display, capacitive technology touch screen display. Touch Screen Monitor Each type of touch screen display has its own advantages and disadvantages, to understand that the touch screen display is suitable for that occasion, the key is to understand each type of touch screen display technology working principle and characteristics.

Introduction to the technical principle of touch screen display

A: Resistance technology touch Screen display:

The main part of the resistive touch screen display is a resistor film screen which is very compatible with the surface of the display, which is a multi-layer composite film, Touch Screen Monitor with a layer of glass or hard plastic plate as the base, and a layer of transparent oxide metal (ITO indium oxide). A transparent conductive resistance layer having a layer of surface hardened, smooth-rubbed plastic layer, and a layer of ITO coating on its inner surfaces, with many small (less than 1/ A 1000-inch transparent isolation point separates the two conductive layers from insulation. When the finger touches the screen, the two layers of conductive layer are contacted at the touch point position, the controller detects the contact and calculates the position of (x, y), Touch Screen Monitor then operates according to the way of simulating the mouse. This is the most basic principle of the Resistive technology touch screen display.

Resistance screen since entering the market, on the basis of a stable quality, the quality and environment of the high adaptability to occupy the vast market. Especially in the field of industrial control, due to its environment and conditions of high requirements, but also show the unique resistance screen, so that its products in the same touch products occupy 90% of the market, has become the mainstream products in the market. Touch Screen Monitor Its biggest feature is not afraid of oil, dust, water.

G-touch's latest fourth-generation resistive technology touchscreen display differs from other resistive screens in that it uses glass as a substrate, making the transmittance higher and reflecting refractive index more suitable for users. At the same time, the conductive layer on the bottom of the uniform coated glass plate is used to unload the electrostatic particles adsorbed on the touch screen display to ensure the touch positioning is more accurate and more sensitive, the total removal of charged particles caused by the drift phenomenon, Touch Screen Monitor positioning is not allowed, the reaction speed is slow, make it longer life (physical determination of single point continuous use up to 15 years or more), and has the ability to maintenance-free, scratch-resistant degree has also been greatly improved. It is a product with excellent quality and reasonable price.

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