The Performance Of Bar Code Scanners

- Jun 21, 2017-

Barcode scanners began to appear in front of people in recent years, from zero sales supermarkets to factory goods scanning, from bank bills scanning to medical registration single scan, bar code scanner applications become more broad, people for the bar code scanner awareness more and more. Zero sales industry due to a wide range of goods and fast circulation, so the bar code scanner in the major retail industry has been very good use.

Zero vendors are often interested in scanning the quality of the scanner and the scanning speed and scanning sensitivity when choosing a bar code scanner, which means that supermarket consumers have to force the supermarket to use a bar code scanner and have to choose the scanning speed Fast, Barcode Scanner scanning good quality scanning guns.

High recognition rate, cost-effective, whether it has the ability to scan damaged or stained bar code label ability, whether it is easy to use, easy to maintain, these are consumers need to take into account the problem. Zero sales also in the warehouse goods inventory to the store inventory of goods need to use the bar code scanner and data collector (inventory machine), the retail industry is also entering the pace of information and automatic identification.

Because the supermarket hopes to scan the goods in the cashier when the fast and accurate, Barcode Scanner fast scanning can bring customers better consumer experience and scanning equipment, the accuracy of the staff can also reduce the number of correction time and effort, especially some A bar code scanner with scanning damage and poor quality tags has a greater performance improvement and reliability, Barcode Scanner and has won unanimous approval.

The depth of the bar code scanner is an important indicator of the choice of the scanner, from the light pen scanner to the CCD scanner, from the CCD scanner to the current laser scanner, the extension of the depth of field has been the main goal of research and development, laser scanner customer service pen The scanner needs to touch the barcode surface to scan the device for defects.

It's lengthened depth of field can be a cashier once easy to scan the target bar code label, do not need to worry about the direction of the scan are aligned, Barcode Scanner do not worry about the quality of bar code printing time, this depth of time to save a lot of time, both to enhance the customer Experience also accelerated the speed of supermarket goods scanning.

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