The History Of A Cash Register Pos Machine

- Apr 18, 2019-


The world's first cash register (pos machine) was built in 1879 by the American brothers James Mind and John Liddy, which function is only to achieve business record memorization and supervise the employer's misconduct.

In the late 1960s, with the rapid development of electronic technology, Japan took the lead in the development of an electronic cash register (ECR). The invention of the electronic cash register has an epoch-making significance, and its technical performance and commercial functions far exceed the prototype of institutional cash. The cash register has the characteristics of intelligent and networked multi-function, and has become an effective tool and means for labor management, accounting management and commodity management in commercial sales.

By the mid-eighties, a powerful commercial-specific terminal system (POS) was produced and became the third-generation cash register. The biggest difference between POS and ECR is that it has the characteristics of direct and immediate accounting, and has strong online real-time processing capabilities. The POS machine integrates the computer hardware and software to form an intelligent, commercial workstation that can work independently or in a network environment.

Since the advent of electronic cash registers, a complete series has been formed according to the needs of various business management models. Therefore, it is entirely possible to select a suitable electronic cash register according to actual needs. The basic equipment of the cash register is an electron gun, a cash register, and a computer that manages data.


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