The Bar Code Scanner Realizes The Intelligence Of Information Identification

- Aug 21, 2017-

Barcode Scanner applications are featured in various industries! Barcode Scanner Applications In all industries, the development and application of bar code scanners will be a technological revolution in the Internet of Things industry. The biggest advantage of bar code technology is the need for direct contact, without human intervention can complete the information input and processing, and simple and quick operation, Barcode Scanner can be widely used in production, logistics, transportation and transportation and other areas need to collect and process data. The bar code scanner in the transport logistics industry is the application of communication technology is to provide a new stage, will become the future of the telecommunications industry has the potential to profit one of the growth point.

Bar code scanner to achieve the information identification and collection of intelligent, to fully play the bar code of high efficiency, with the entire process of information needs, Barcode Scanner the need for other information management system support. The barcode scanner system consists of three parts: bar code scanners, labels and other peripherals. Since barcode technology facilitates storage operators and retailers to achieve the storage of cargo information, the application of bar code is embedded on the basis of existing mobile cellular networks. The bar code scanner is combined with barcode technology to realize the reading of cargo information , Security, payment and other functions is also one of the potential operators of the market.

In the logistics industry, bar code technology makes a reasonable product inventory control and intelligent logistics technology possible. Barcode scanners in the transportation industry are mainly used in highway toll and intelligent transportation.

Bar code scanner to replace the bar code is the biggest advantage of the magnetic stripe brought about by the wireless identification, and information network. The bar code scanner industry needs a third party with extensive experience to integrate and maintain the bar code system. Barcode Scanner The staff can access the data of the enterprise's internal business system through mobile terminals such as mobile phones, industrial PDAs, computers and so on anytime, anywhere, and receive the receipts and dispatch orders from the information center, and can use the bar code scanner to transmit the bar code in the real time to the background System, to achieve the flow of goods and information flow synchronization.

Barcode scanner because of its depth of field area, scanning speed, Barcode Scanner wide scanning range and other characteristics of the wide range of consumers. The barcode scanner is capable of high-speed scanning of full-width bar code symbols, and barcode scanners are suitable for a wide range of areas with high automation and high throughput.

Barcode scanner works: the bar code scanner power, VLD will emit a red laser beam, and then the laser beam projected to the swing in the mirror surface reflected to the bar code, Barcode Scanner according to the principle of optical reflection, it will produce photoelectric induction signal, and then Through the photoelectric signal to compile the bar code, so that information can be transmitted to the computer.

Barcode scanner can be divided into hand-held bar code scanner and fixed bar code scanner in two forms: hand-held laser gun connection is simple and easy to use, flexible, Barcode Scanner fixed laser gun for reading the largest bar code smaller occasions, effective liberation Hands work.

Barcode Scanner Benefits

Scanning distance is long, able to scan the distance of the bar code label;

Read the bar code range, the laser scanner can read the irregular bar code and also can read the media thick (glass or transparent adhesive tape) bar code label, laser scanner scan bar code will not damage the bar code label, because it is non-contact form of knowledge Read mode

Reading success rate is high, recognition speed, can clearly read the poor quality of printing or fuzzy bar code labels;

Bit error rate is very low (only about one millionth);

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