The Bar Code Scanner Has A Large Amount Of Information Collected

- Jul 05, 2017-

A bar code is a set of bars, empty symbols, that are used to represent certain characters, numbers, and symbols. Barcode system is composed of bar code symbol design, production and scanning read the composition of the automatic identification system. Barcode scanners have the following advantages:

1, the input speed: compared with the keyboard input, bar code input speed is 5 times the keyboard input, and can achieve real-time data input.

2, high reliability: keyboard input data error rate of one-third, Barcode Scanner the use of optical character recognition technology error rate of one ten thousandth, and the use of bar code scanner bit error rate of less than one millionth.

3, the collection of large amount of information: the use of traditional one-dimensional bar code can collect tens of characters of information, two-dimensional bar code can carry thousands of characters of information, and a certain degree of automatic error correction.

4, flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification alone can also be used to identify a device to achieve a system to achieve automatic identification, Barcode Scanner but also can be connected with other control devices to achieve automated management.

In addition, the bar code label is easy to make, the equipment and materials are not special requirements, identification equipment easy to operate, do not need special training, Barcode Scanner and equipment is also relatively easy.

Implementation of the bar code of the warehouse management First of all, the goods to be encoded with bar code printers to produce goods bar code labels, after a variety of warehouse operations (such as storage, storage, inventory, shift library, etc.), bar code scanner to collect goods Bar code labels on the bar code information, through the data communication line to the computer information processing system for data storage, Barcode Scanner data processing and data analysis and other operations to ensure that the enterprise warehouse operations efficient and accurate operation.

A company has adopted a barcodeized warehouse management system for four years. With no increase in the number of personnel, the number of warehouse operations has increased by two digits and the inventory accuracy has reached 100%. The difference between the delivery and purchase operations is reduced to zero, Barcode Scanner and some The work of large amount of labor is also compressed.

In the past, paper-based operations, in the delivery and storage, about 200 errors per month, after the error occurred, often take months to track these differences, so as not to expand its impact. Now every piece of goods out of storage, the operator immediately bar code scanner scan the bar code on the goods directly into the computer for processing, some bar code scanner is directly mounted on the lift, Barcode Scanner greatly reducing the probability of error occurred.

So, companies use bar code scanner to scan bar code printers to produce goods bar code labels, which can improve efficiency, cost savings, reduce the probability of errors occur, enterprises can have such a system, then the service can be done more with less.

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