The Bar Code Scanner Achieves Higher Standards

- May 10, 2017-

Application of Bar Code Scanner and Machine Vision Technology in Industrial Automation Control

Is an instrument for commercial POS systems. There are two main categories, one is the application of general scanner and commercial scanner. Business mainly divided into: CCD scanner, laser hand-held scanner and full-angle laser scanner three.

In the manufacturing environment, bar code scanners and machine vision products help reduce costs, increase output, improve Barcode Scanner product quality and meet industry regulations. The bar code scanner can be used for real-time operational monitoring of data collection and preservation of historical data (tracking). Industrial machine vision systems can be used for automatic inspection and process control.

 Successful industrial machine vision and bar code applications are based on stable hardware and reliable software in plant automation systems. Barcode Scanner's high-performance high-speed readers, machine vision systems and machine vision lighting products have excellent customer service as well as over 25 years of industry experience as a guarantee. Select the bar code scanner, you can safely collect the data, the implementation of the necessary control to minimize downtime, improve efficiency, in addition to follow the industry and government regulations, but also to achieve higher standards.

A bar code scanner is a sign that can be printed by a machine. The bar code can be printed on a label for printing (printing and use) or directly on a part, product or package (DPM). In general, barcodes contain data items that have specific meanings, such as unique code for the product, production lot, merchandise, and so on. The bar code scanner is used to Barcode Scanner capture and read these data, so that it can track and confirm the various parts of the supply chain. In production, these data can be used for automated operations, quality control, saving time, money and manpower.

Manufacturing company bar code scanner solution

 In today's manufacturing environment, fast and accurate data collection is essential for efficient and fast operation of the production line. Stable and reliable, online bar code scanner can access both data, can also drive the activities of the factory operations. The bar code and the two-dimensional code has become an indispensable part of most lean manufacturing enterprises.

 The Application of Bar Code Technology

 Barcode technology can assist in key applications such as quality control, online monitoring (WIP), classification and batch tracking. The general application of bar code technology is to prevent error measures or to correct a step in the process. For example, many packaging systems use bar code technology to ensure that the goods before packing and box match.

Barcode scanners (also known as readers) are used to extract and decode data from a 1D (linear) bar code or a 2D (two-dimensional code) bar code. Due to its high speed and ease of use, laser bar code scanners are most commonly used to read 1D barcodes. The reader (like a digital camera) can be used to read 1D and 2D code and optical characters (OCR). High speed and Barcode Scanner accuracy are key requirements for manufacturing environments; Mexken is able to provide reliable read solutions for barcodes, 2D tags and optical characters.

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