The Application Of Touch Screen Display Is More And More Extensive

- Oct 18, 2017-

The application of touch-screen display is becoming more and more popular, and it plays an important role in the field of daily life and industrial control. Therefore, Touch Screen Monitor the development of flexible, stable and reliable operation of the touchscreen display control software is very important. Traditional development processes include system requirements analysis, manual coding and testing.

Touch-screen display of the touchscreen display part of the glass plate is usually a flat, spherical or cylindrical surface, installed in the CRT, LCD, LED and other display screen front. Touch Screen Monitor This glass plate is just a plain tempered glass, unlike other touch-screen display technologies that do not have any foil or overlay.

Touch-screen display allows users to use their fingers to touch the computer screen with the image or text to achieve the host operation, so get rid of the keyboard and mouse operation, so that the human computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public hall information inquiries, leadership office, video games, VOD order, multimedia teaching, ticket/train ticket pre-sale. Touch Screen Monitor Products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen display three categories.

Touch-screen display is a new type of man-machine interaction input, compared with the traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch-screen display input more intuitive. With the recognition software, touch-screen display can also achieve handwriting input. The touchscreen monitor consists of a detection unit mounted in front of the monitor screen and a touchscreen display controller. When the finger or other object touches the touchscreen display on the front of the monitor, the touch position is detected by the touchscreen display controller and is sent to the host via an interface (such as a RS-232 serial port).

The touchscreen display is part of a transparent tempered glass, so it can be made into a flat, cylindrical or spherical surface, and there is no need to add a special coating to the touch screen display. Touch Screen Monitor The angle of the touchscreen display is fitted with an ultrasonic transducer that transmits a high-frequency sound wave across the screen surface. When the finger or other object can absorb or block the sound wave energy of the touch screen display screen, through the finger part of the sound wave energy is partially absorbed, according to the receiver signal change can determine the coordinates position. Compared with other types of touch screen display, Touch Screen Monitor the Surface acoustic touch screen display is not affected by the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, high resolution, good transmittance, can maintain a clear and translucent image quality, reaction speed, the third axis (that is, pressure axis) response, so the application is increasingly extensive.

Touch-screen display according to the use of media and working principle, can be divided into resistive, capacitive induction, infrared and surface acoustic wave type of four. Touch-screen display from low-grade to high-grade upgrade and development: from resistive, Touch Screen Monitor infra-red to capacitive induction and surface acoustic wave.

Touch-screen display is the absolute coordinate system, to choose which direct point, and the mouse such a relative positioning system of the essential difference is the intuitive in place. The absolute coordinate system is characterized by each location coordinate has nothing to do with the last location coordinates, Touch Screen Monitor the touchscreen display is physically a set of independent coordinate positioning system, the data of each touch is calibrated to the coordinates on the screen, so that the touch-screen display is required to be in no circumstances, The same point of output data is stable, if not stable, then this touch-screen display can not guarantee absolute coordinate positioning.

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