The Application Of POS System In Supermarket

- Apr 15, 2019-

With the development of society, the expansion of commercial scale and the variety of commodities, traditional methods of manual settlement have become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern commerce, and are gradually being replaced by cash registers that combine computer and information processing technologies. Among them, the POS machine has been widely used in the settlement of commercial sales terminals, and it has become almost a necessary equipment for retail stores such as supermarkets. This paper introduces the application and characteristics of POS machine in supermarkets.


The POS system is undoubtedly a good application of computer technology in business. At present, most supermarkets are cashiers who use the POS cash register to settle and collect money at the exit. POS (Point Of Sale), which means “point of sale terminal”, is a point-of-sale device and system for point-of-sale settlement. It can quickly settle, help waiters reduce mistakes and improve work efficiency, and can also transfer funds by electricity. The supermarket POS system is generally composed of CPU, memory, keyboard, printer, display, cash drawer, barcode reader, magnetic card reader and input/output module.

The information of the commodity can be carried in the barcode or the code. The POS machine of the supermarket usually scans the barcode (scan code) with a barcode reader or inputs the code with the keyboard, and the information is quickly recognized by the machine and converted into an electric signal, and the information thereof The process is as shown. The application POS machine needs to pre-create the information of the commodity (such as the product name, unit price, time, supplier, etc.) in the computer memory (referred to as "information pre-built", the same below), and input the goods purchased by the customer at the time of settlement ( Information such as product name, sales quantity, sales time, and sales shop (referred to as "information input", the same below), through the query and data processing of the computer CPU, immediately generate various data required for settlement and display, and at the same time, each Detailed information on the sales of pen products will also be automatically recorded, and various sales statistics analysis information will be generated, which can be output as a basis for business management.

The information acquisition of the POS in the figure includes two processes of “information pre-built” and “information input”. Since “information pre-built” is often completed first, it is only necessary to perform “information input” to complete the information input required by the POS. The POS machine of the supermarket scans the code with a bar code reader, which is characterized by fast information transmission. Even if the “information input” is performed in the settlement, it will not affect the settlement speed, so it is very simple and fast, and it is provided to both parties. Great convenience. Another feature of the POS system is the ability to print tickets, often referred to as shopping receipts or small tickets, which are well written, detailed and standardized. Shopping receipts are sales receipts kept by customers such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Sales receipts generally include the name of the sales unit, contact information, cash register number, billing serial number, cashier number, sales date, product name, quantity. , unit price, commodity amount, total amount, payment method, paid amount, change amount, bill printing time and other information content. The shopping receipt is provided to the customer so that the customer can clearly understand the details of the consumption, so as to check, the customer needs to take care of it after shopping, in order to prepare for the rights protection.

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