Registers An External Device

- Mar 04, 2017-

With the development of modern technology, electronic cash register accessories increasing common mainly has following several kinds.

1) printer---electronic cash register in addition to the built-in printer, also joins the external printer (as in the catering kitchen printer and receipt printer. )

2) barcode reader---also known as bar code scanners, bar code reading device, visually can be divided into four categories: pens, handheld, desktop, card, according to the light source can be divided into two types: infrared and laser.

3) magnetic card reader---it is a recorded signal on magnetic read or write to a device. Read the records of credit card information into the register. Its type and model of more differentiated from the track number for single, two-track, three-track three.

4)---field of electronic scales weigh measurement products, electronic balance weight data to the register.

5) modem---the MODEM is the register's data over a telephone line to a computer.

6) backup power---the UPS is used to power supplied by the battery directly to the cash register.

7) telecommunication network consists of a set of interface---its hardware chips or cards, physical ports, the software consists of a set of procedures. There are registers of communication between interfaces and cash register and computer connection 485 interface cards.

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