Registers A Brief Introduction

- Mar 04, 2017-

Commercial electronic cash register is the microelectronics technology development and product of commodity circulation modernization management concept and technology development, and commercial electronic cash register is modern, automated business management one of the basic electronic device. World's first cash register was in 1879, manufactured by the brothers zhanminsi·lidi and yuehan·lidi, its function only business records memo and supervisory employed person's misconduct. To 60 generation late, with electronic technology of leap development, Japan first development success has electronic cash register machine (ECR), electronic cash register machine of invention has landmark of meaning, its technology performance and commercial function far over prototype of institutions type cash collection machine, has intelligent of, and network multifunctional of features, became in commercial sales Shang for labor management, and accounting account works management, and commodity management of effective tool and means. To 80 generation medium-term, function strong of commercial dedicated Terminal system (POS) produced, became third generation received silver machine, POS and ECR of maximum difference is it has directly rates into account of features, has is strong of online real-time processing capacity, POS will computer hardware and software integrated, formed a intelligent type of, can independent work, also can in network environment Xia work of commercial workstation.

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