NFC Becomes A Magic Weapon In The Fast-food Store To Let Customer Access The Loyalty Program

- Apr 16, 2019-

Zhidao, a new fast food chain, offers specialty Mexican dishes. The company announced the opening of its first restaurant in Paris, France, and launched a customer loyalty program, offered by Airtag, a French contactless solutions provider.

Near field communication (NFC) and two-dimensional code technology are used in the scheme.

Irtag installed an interactive notebook and Airtag Pad at the checkout counter, built-in wireless RFID and a two-dimensional barcode reader to connect to the restaurant's online loyalty program in real time.

Airtag Pad accept reading three types of cards.

The first two types of cards are used by the customer themselves, and they can receive loyalty points, rewards and coupons after consumption; before using the card, each user must create an online account and launch an application to access, Or directly Zhidao's Facebook page.

Customers can also use the Paris "one card", Pass Navigo, with built-in NFC RFID chip for wireless identification.

Customers who do not have an NFC pass can use the mobile phone's "loyalty card" to generate a QR code via the mobile app, provided that the application is downloaded from the Internet and the card will be displayed on the mobile phone's screen after the creation.

With this app, the phone acts as a loyalty card, and Airtag explains that the app can generate a QR code that is activated and then downloaded.

Customers only need to swipe the card on the Airtag Pad and the system will recognize the identity.

The app also features a map feature that provides a restaurant's traffic guide and a detailed description of the new dishes.

The third type of card is a two-dimensional code printed on a traditional membership card. The Airtag Pad can also be read, but you can't get loyalty points or rewards immediately after consumption.

Airtag's solution also provides a web reporting tool that allows restaurants to analyze the operations of outlets.

The reporting tool manages archival data, categorizes customers, and develops targeted marketing campaigns.

According to Airtag, all user information (receipt, time and frequency of visits) is displayed on the web platform in real time, and the restaurant can conduct various marketing activities in time based on this real-time data.


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