New 2D Imager Wireless Scanner

- Jan 02, 2019-

WBS-228 is a two-dimensional image scanner with excellent quality. It can scan all directions and excellent decoding performance, even in the scan damaged or printed poor quality bar code.

Geesung Barcode Reader

Berief introduction:

1. Image recognition technology: can read bar code information quickly without accurate focus, scan 1D and 2D code.

2. Humanized design: in accordance with ergonomic design, staff use, feel more comfortable, more convenient operation, not easy to fatigue.

3. IP54 protection grade, 100% solidified hardware, dust-proof and fall-proof to adapt to special application environment.

4. High-speed scanning cell phone and other digital electronic screen, USB driver-free support for QR code Chinese characters.

5. 2.4Ghz wireless efficient transmission, indoor effective distance of 10 meters.

6. Long working hours, can scan bar code 28000 times, offline memory can store 50000 bar code data.

7. High-grade sandstone-sand protective layer, scratch-resistant and anti-fall, feel better protection more comprehensive.

8. Using wireless instant technology, fast start after sleep, the first reading code without stagnation, greatly improve the user experience.

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