Industrial Analysis Of Portable Printer

- Apr 28, 2018-

 Industrial Analysis of Portable Printer


 Market demand spawned portable printers:


People's demand for printer is constantly increasing over time. In the original stage, people's demand for printers was to print quickly and have good quality. However, technological advances and real-world needs have made the above requirements less robust. The current printer's print quality are very good, the space for development is very small, and the printing speed has also made a big leap forward, so people began to ponder other needs, such as portable printing.


Portable printing has two major requirements for printers. One is mobility and the other is compact. In a word, a "small" printer is needed. Nowadays, with the development of mobile office, the functions provided by various office printing devices on the market are more humanized and comprehensive, and the application of short and squeaky” products is also more extensive. As a result, portable printers have received more and more attention from the industry.



 The development prospects of portable printer:


Portable printers are emerging as new products. Many technologies and functions are in the exploratory phase, and this development period will continue for a long time. The current market situation is far from reaching the market maturity. Mainly manifested in: The core of the portable printer is the printout core device, which is the key component with the highest cost, relatively high technical content, and very complicated manufacturing process requirements.


At present, the movements used by domestic brands of portable printers are purchased overseas. The cost of the movement of the core is a key factor affecting the cost of the portable printer. Whether or not there is a critical cost control capability and whether or not there is a portable printer's indigenous production capacity will affect the development of portable printers in China, which is a key competitive factor in the portable printer industry.

58mm portable printer

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