How To Operate The Thermal Printer

- Jul 05, 2017-

Thermal printer for supermarkets, clothing stores, logistics, retail and other bar code is not demanding enterprises;

Precautions for use of thermal printers

The printer is the main consumable part of the POS cash register. The life of the printer is closely related to the environment of the printer, the operating method and so on. Therefore, Thermal Printer the software has always believed that the correct use of the printer and pay attention to the daily maintenance to extend its life is very helpful.

1, before using the printer, please do not connect the printer first power, Thermal Printer you should first check the printer, the various lines completely plugged in and then boot.

2, must use the original equipment with the power and cable, or the printer may cause permanent damage.

3, must use the requirements of the paper roll, (such as the thickness of the paper, width, etc.), please regularly clean the printer, pay attention to the movement of the thermal film on the dirt, Thermal Printer if you should use a clean cotton dip alcohol gently wipe, so as not to affect the print The

4, please do not choose the end of the paper stickers on the paper roll, otherwise the printer will not be able to correctly measure the end of the paper roll, continue to wear the paper will cause damage to the printer bad machine head and motherboard.

5, such as the replacement of the printer interface card, Thermal Printer you must confirm the printer power adapter and the printer has been disconnected,

6, do not put the printer in a humid or dusty environment, otherwise the printer board will oxidize to reduce the service life.

7, try not to foreign body into the printer to avoid the printer can not work properly, reduce unnecessary losses.

8, when the smell or strange sound, etc., please immediately turn off the printer power, Thermal Printer otherwise it may cause a fire or other unexpected loss.

9, the printer is prohibited to put other items. When the printer is not in use for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power outlet.

10, please do not disassemble, move, drag, if any, please contact the maintenance technician.

11, such as the printer in the event of serious physical damage, man-made damage or do not follow the above specifications to make the printer damaged will be held accountable.

12, do not take the same outlet with high-power electrical appliances, Thermal Printer so as to avoid voltage instability burned control panel or interface card

Common faults of thermal models

Printer alarm and status description

2 sound alarm: cover did not cover good

3 sound alarm: the printer is out of paper

4 sound alarm: cutter failure

Print is not clear or can not print out

1, the printer heat-sensitive tablets stained with dirt need to clean.

2, after a long time to use the print is not clear You can switch the switch SW2-3, SW2-4 to adjust the print speed, still can not be used normally need to replace the movement of the thermal film)

3, the machine internal dust or cockroaches caused more hardware damage.

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