Barcode Scanners Use Optical Principles

- Jul 17, 2017-

In manufacturing environments, barcode scanners and machine vision products help reduce costs, increase output, improve product quality, and conform to industry regulations. Barcode scanners are available for real-time operational monitoring of data collection and preservation of historical data (tracing). Industrial machine vision systems can be used for automatic inspection and process control.

Successful industrial machine vision and barcode applications are based on stable hardware and reliable software in factory automation systems. Maisken's high-performance High speed Encoder, Barcode Scanner machine vision system and machine vision lighting products have excellent customer service and more than 25 years of industry experience as a guarantee. Choose Maisken products, you can safely collect data, implement the necessary control to minimize downtime and improve efficiency, in addition to complying with industry and government regulations, Barcode Scanner but also to achieve higher standards.

Barcode Scanner

Barcodes are signs that can be read by machines, which can be printed on labels (printed and used) or printed directly on a part, product, or package (DPM). In general, barcodes contain data items that have a specific meaning, such as a unique code for a product, a production batch, a product type, and so on. Barcode Scanner The barcode scanner is used to capture and read these data, and thus to be able to track and confirm the components on the supply chain. In production, these data can be used for automated operation, quality control, save time, Barcode Scanner financial and human resources.

Barcode Scanner Solutions for manufacturing enterprises

In today's manufacturing environment, rapid and accurate data collection is essential to the efficient and fast operation of the production line. A stable, reliable, online barcode scanner can either obtain data or drive activities in the factory operation. Barcodes and two-dimensional codes have become an integral part of most lean manufacturing enterprises.

Application of Barcode Technology

Barcode technology can help key applications, Barcode Scanner such as quality control, online monitoring (WIP), classification, and batch tracking. The general application of barcode technology is to prevent error measures or to rectify some of the steps in the process. For example, many packaging systems use barcode technology to ensure that goods are matched to the box before packing.

Barcode Scanners and 2D Reader

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