Barcode Scanner Realizes Goods Logistics And Information Flow Synchronization

- Oct 18, 2017-

Barcode scanners (referred to as barcode guns) are widely used in various industries. But for beginners may still be a bit confused, if you are using the USB interface that your use is very simple, Barcode Scanner only need to connect with your device, you can use, no need to learn what theory and practical knowledge can be completed. General test or simple understanding of barcode Gun Use procedure is very simple:

1, insert the scanning gun, (until you hear the bar code scanner successfully installed the beep)

2. Open Excel (or any software that can enter text)

3. Position the cursor to the cell you want to input

4, scanning barcode (according to the need to set up a barcode gun scan mode, Barcode Scanner such as the scan after the return, line-break, continuous scan)

5, the scan completes, saves. Simply learning how to use barcode scanners is very simple, barcode gun is just a device used to read barcode content, and bar code content is a series of numeric or alphanumeric combinations.

Barcode scanners are used in various industries to show features! Barcode Scanner application in various industries, the development and application of barcode scanners will be a technological revolution in the industry of IoT. The biggest advantage of bar code technology is that no direct contact, no manual intervention can complete the information input and processing, and easy to operate, can be widely used in production, logistics, Barcode Scanner transportation and transportation and other areas need to collect and process data. The application of barcode scanner in the transportation and logistics industry provides a new stage for communication technology, and will become one of the potential profit growth points of the future telecom industry.

The barcode scanner realizes the intelligence of the information recognition and collection, and should fully exert the high efficiency of the bar code, it has the need of the whole course informationization, Barcode Scanner and needs the support of other information management system. The barcode scanner system consists of three parts: Barcode scanner, label and other peripheral devices. Since the barcode technology is convenient to help warehousing operators and retailers to achieve the storage of cargo information, Barcode Scanner then the existing mobile cellular network based on the insertion of bar code applications, through the bar code scanners and barcode technology combined to realize the goods information reading, anti-counterfeiting, payment and other functions are also one of the potential applications of the operator market.

In the logistics industry, barcode technology makes reasonable product inventory Control and intelligent logistics technology possible. The application of bar code scanners in the transportation industry is mainly in the highway toll and intelligent traffic.

The biggest advantage of barcode scanners in replacing barcodes is the wireless identification of magnetic strips and the networking of information. The barcode scanner industry needs a third party with extensive experience to integrate and maintain the barcode system. Barcode Scanner The staff can access the data of the internal business system of the enterprise through mobile phone, industrial PDA, computer and so on anytime and anywhere, Barcode Scanner receive the receiving list sent by the information Center, send a list, and can use the barcode scanner to transfer the goods bar code to the backstage system in real time to realize the synchronization of the goods logistics

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