Barcode Scanner Is An Electronic Device

- Jul 28, 2017-

The barcode scanner is favored by a wide range of consumers because of its large depth area, fast scanning speed and wide scanning range. Bar code scanners can scan the full angle of the bar code symbols, barcode scanners are suitable for a variety of high degree of automation, large-scale logistics areas.

Barcode Scanner Working principle: After the bar code scanner power, VLD will emit a red laser beam, Barcode Scanner and then the laser beam projected into the swing of the reflector surface reflected to the bar code, according to the optical reflection principle, will produce a photoelectric induction signal, and then through the optical signal to compile the bar code, so that information can be transferred to the computer.

Barcode scanners can be divided into handheld barcode scanners and fixed bar code scanners in two forms: hand-held laser gun connection convenient and simple, flexible use, Barcode Scanner fixed-type laser gun for reading the most large, small bar code occasions, effectively liberate both hands work.

Barcode Scanner Advantage

Long scanning distance, can scan the distance of the bar code label;

Read a wide range of bar codes, laser scanners can read irregular bar code and can also read the media thick (glass or transparent paper) barcode labels, Barcode Scanner laser scanner Scan barcode will not damage the barcode label, because it is a non-contact form of reading;

High success rate, fast recognition, can clearly read the quality of printed or fuzzy barcode labels;

Very low ber (only about one out of 10,000);

The laser reader's shock-proof performance is good, such as: Motorola LS2208 scan gun, can withstand 1.5 meters of cement fall.

A barcode scanner is an electronic device, read the printed bar code. Just like a flatbed scanner, it includes a light source, Barcode Scanner a lens and a light sensor to turn the light into an electric impulse. In addition, almost all barcode scanners contain decoder circuitry to analyze the image of the barcode to provide the data sensor and send the barcode content of the scanner's output port.

A bar code is a set of coded rules arranged by the bar, empty symbols, used to represent a certain number of characters, numbers and symbols of the composition of information. Barcode scanner is an automatic recognition system composed of barcode symbol design, making and scanning reading. Barcode technology has the following advantages:

1, fast input: Compared with keyboard input, bar code input speed is 5 times times the keyboard input, Barcode Scanner and can achieve real-time data input.

2, High reliability: Keyboard input data error rate of 1%, the use of optical character recognition technology error rate of one out of 10,000, and the use of barcode technology is less than one out of 10,000.

3, the collection of information large: the use of a traditional one-dimensional barcode can be collected dozens of-bit character information, two-dimensional barcode can carry thousands of characters of information, and have a certain degree of automatic error correction.

4, flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification alone, but also with the relevant identification equipment to form a system for automatic identification, Barcode Scanner but also with other control equipment to achieve automated management.

In addition, barcode labels are easy to make, no special requirements for equipment and materials, easy to identify equipment operation, no special training, Barcode Scanner and relative equipment.

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