Barcode Scanner Has High Resolution

- May 15, 2017-

A bar code scanner is an instrument for a commercial POS system. There are two main categories, one is the application of Barcode Scanner general scanner and commercial scanner. Business mainly divided into: CCD scanner, laser hand-held scanner and full-angle laser scanner three. The key parameters of the bar code scanner are resolution, scan depth, scan width, scan speed, primary recognition rate and bit error rate.

Before selecting a bar code scanner, understand the main technical parameters of the scanning device, and then select the applicable device against these parameters according to the application requirements.

1), resolution

For bar code scanning systems, the resolution is the correct detection of the width of the narrowest bar read, the English is MINIMAL BAR WIDTH (abbreviated as MBW). When selecting a device, it is not the higher the cut-off rate of the device, but Barcode Scanner rather the scanner with the corresponding resolution, depending on the bar code density used in the application. In use, if the resolution of the selected equipment is too high, the effects of stains, deinking, etc. on the system will be more severe.

The resolution of the bar code scanner is determined from three aspects: the optical part, the hardware part and the software part. That is, the resolution of the bar code scanner is equal to the resolution of its optical components plus its own resolution processed by hardware and software for analysis.

The optical resolution is the actual number of light points that can be captured in the area per square inch of the optical part of the bar code scanner. It refers to the physical resolution of the bar code scanner CCD (or other optoelectronic device) and the true resolution of the bar code scanner Rate, whose value is the number of pixels that can be captured by the optoelectronic element divided by the maximum size of the bar code scanner. Such as the resolution of 1200DPI bar code Barcode Scanner scanner, often its optical part of the resolution of only 400 ~ 600DPI. The resolution of the extended part is generated by hardware and software. This process is done by computer-to-image analysis, and the blank part is mathematically filled (this process is also called interpolation).

Optical scanning and output is one to one, what to scan, what is the output. After the computer hardware and software processing, the output of the image will become more realistic, the resolution will be higher. Most of the bar code scanners sold on the market have soft and hardware extensions to resolution. Some barcode scanner ads are written with 9600 × 9600DPI, which is only the maximum resolution obtained by software interpolation, not the real optical resolution of the bar code scanner. So for the bar code scanner, the resolution of optical resolution (or optical resolution) and the maximum resolution of the said, of course, we are concerned about the optical resolution, and this is hard effort.

The bar code scanner is installed without the need for a driver, plug and play. Normally there are three kinds of bar code scanning gun interface data lines, namely USB, rs232 and PS / 2

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