2018 Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Coming Soon

- Sep 04, 2018-

2018 Chinese Mid autumn festival coming soon, 

Moon cake hot sale.

1st picture: Supermarket self check out(自助买单), more and more widely use in China.

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Moon cakes are one of the most famous Chinese traditional pastries, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday food. 

The moon cake is round, and it is shared by the family, which symbolizes reunion and embarrassment. Ancient moon cakes were eaten as a sacrifice on the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty. When the Northern Song Dynasty was popular in the court, it spread to the folks. It was commonly called "small cake" and "monthly group". 

The development of the Ming Dynasty has become a common dietary habit of the whole people. Moon cakes are integrated with local customs, and have developed moon cakes such as Cantonese style, 

Beijing style, Su style, Chaoshan style, and Yunnan style, which are loved by people from all over the country.

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