1D CCD Bar Code Reader-BS-127

- Dec 18, 2018-

   New Product BS-127- 1D CCD Bar code Reader

  Pos bar code Reader

  1. Cost-effective, stable and reliable quality is the best choice for basic entry level.

  2. high-speed 280scans per second. Support 4mil high precision 1D barcode, Mimunm 3 mil precision.

  3. Supports scanning of digital LCD screens such as mobile phone tablets to prevent film and low-brightness screen interference.

     Screen scan: (Alipay mobile phone payment code): 

     5.5 inch display - 40mm ~ 260mm; 

     3.7  inch display - 50mm ~ 170mm

  4. Its built-in linear imaging technology gives it excellent decoding performance when scanning all linear barcodes, even when scanning damaged or poorly printed barcodes.

  5. The trapped soft glue gun head protects the scanning mirror and the professional image scanner shell.

  6. BS-127 also has some other excellent performance, 100% curing technology, no moving parts, not easy to damage, there will be no situation that can't be aimed.

  7. can scan the Special barcodes such as old and broken bar code, 



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