Wireless mini printer

- Dec 10, 2019-

Most of the wireless mini printers now use IrDA technology, but because the IrDA protocol is very complicated, the IrDA protocol is generally not integrated in the printer, but the infrared port can be used to simulate the serial port for data transmission at the physical layer. It also provides convenience for other devices with infrared, because many devices with infrared also do not integrate the IrDA protocol, so these devices can communicate with infrared micro printers through infrared ports. The biggest advantage of wireless micro printer is that it can realize wireless printing, which is convenient, especially if you need to realize the printing function outdoors, its convenience is more prominent, but infrared printing also has its disadvantages, which is the accuracy of its data transmission. Because the IrDA protocol is not integrated, if the anti-interference ability of the infrared interface is poor, the accuracy of data transmission cannot be guaranteed. Now, some domestic companies, such as Weiye Technology, have broken through the difficulties of IrDA. The micro printers they produce use IrCOMM (IrCOMM is a protocol of the virtual serial port of the application software layer in the IrDA protocol), and IrCOMM is a lot of portable Infrared devices (such as POCKET PC) support the protocol. With IrCOMM, users do not need to worry about the accuracy of data transmission and so on.

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