Windows All in One Pos PC system

- Apr 11, 2019-

Advantages and disadvantages of all-in-one PCs

Classic desktops are becoming less popular. But notebooks are not good for any purpose. Are all-in-one PCs the golden mean for home?

Very simple as it is ingenious: You set up the screen and you can start the PC. That's what makes an all-in-one PC. Everything is in one - in the truest sense of the word: the entire computer technology is integrated in the monitor."Manufacturers often use processors, mass storage, ventilation and more behind the screen. Sometimes these components are also stored in a stand,It is precisely this simplicity and clarity that appeals to many users.

Professional field,"People often opt for an all-in-one PC from an aesthetic and practical point of view. The systems are designed by the manufacturer and work out of the box. That means unpacking, connecting to the electricity and getting started. Matching keyboards and mice are usually included.

It's not just consumers who are looking at the compact computer units at home. All-in-one PCs are also in demand in the professional sector,Software company ,  mainly because of the screen quality.

As the biggest pound, all-in-one PCs throw their small footprint into the balance, this saves space on and under the desk.

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