Why we need a barcode on the product

- Jul 26, 2018-

Why we need a barcode on the product?


Commodity barcode is an important technical means to realize the informationization and modernization of business management. Stores use commodity barcode technology to manage their business, bringing many benefits to consumers' daily lives.


(1) After the barcode scanning of the commodity is realized, the shopping mall adopts the consumer-selected sales method, which improves the shopping environment and makes it easier for consumers to shop.


(2) Due to lower operating costs, commodity prices may fall, and consumers can enjoy more benefits.


(3) The automatic settlement method of barcode scanning shortens the waiting time for consumers to wait in line to bring customers a better shopping experience.


(4) In view of the high reliability of bar code scanning settlement, the concern about the accuracy of manual settlement is eliminated, and the trust of consumers can be improved


(5) With the help of bar code technology, the store realizes the automatic management of import, sales and storage, which improves the turnover rate of goods, thus ensuring that the goods are not backlogged and constantly staggered, making the goods more fresh. Retailers and manufacturers use the sales/inventory management system and communication network established on the basis of commodity barcodes to facilitate timely grasp of market information, formulate purchase/production plans, improve supply and replenishment efficiency, and realize modern production, supply and sales management, reduce business operating costs; adapt to international and domestic market needs, and better serve customers.

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