Why use industrila panel for Touch screen Pos

- Apr 11, 2018-

     Why use Industrial Panel for Touch Screen Pos

When choosing a touch screen pos machine, why do we choose industial panel, the industrial screen display is more clearly, the performance is more stable, and the service life is longer. At present, the LCD panel is divided into soft screen and industrial screen. Where are they different?

The soft screen is called home-grade soft screen. It will be ripples and a feeling of rain When you touch the screen with your finger or touch the screen, . The high-definition is only in the static condition, the viewing angle is only 170 degrees, the overall color is relatively poor, and the color tone is red Image, video display will be unstable, there is residual image, smear, response speed can only reach 8MS, therefore: technology is relatively poor, life is relatively short, low production costs suitable for home TV use, for less business.

Industrial-grade panel adopting a horizontally arranged liquid crystal molecular structure, the hard-screen molecular recovery speed is rapid, when subjected to external pressure,or touch, it can be maintained as it is.

His clarity can keep the same in dynamic, static conditions as high-definition, the same Full HD 1920*1080 screen, industrial screen 25% higher than the soft screen, while the left and right viewing angle is up to 178 degrees, dynamic clarity, Accurate color reproduction, visible angle and other aspects of significant advantages, relative to the traditional soft-screen LCD, industrial screen has a stable liquid crystal molecular arrangement structure, faster response, can reach 4MS.

As a result, it has superior performance in dynamic resolution and completely eliminates the appearance of blurring and water-spreading when the soft-screen LCD is subjected to external pressure and shaking, and eliminates ghosting and smearing when playing images extremely fast.

Most touch-based applications are commercial-based and require a long time to start operation. Therefore, industrial screens are the most suitable for installing multi-media touch screen pos.

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