why use a special label printer to print barcode labels

- May 09, 2019-

Barcode labels for every product, why use a special label printer to print barcode labels? Why can't ordinary printers replace label printers? There are five different reasons:

1. The printed content is different, the scope of use is not the same:

The difference in print accuracy and printing method determines the different production ranges of the application. Barcode printers print content, such as merchandise packaging, carton packaging, electrical appliances, brand identity, merchandise identification, barcode recognition, management, production, jewelry, clothing labels, bills, etc. Barcodes are printed with bar code printers.

2.The printing method is different:

In simple terms, the working principle is different. This determines the difference in the scope of their application.The barcode printer prints on ribbon or thermal paper. This form of printing allows continuous high speed operation even when left unattended. But ordinary printers can't do this.

3.The paper used is different:

Barcode printers can print a lot of materials, can print PET, copper paper, thermal paper stickers and polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and washed fabrics; text and graphic printing through thermal transfer scratch-resistant effect, special ribbon printing can also be Printing products have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance; ordinary printers are often used for ordinary paper, such as A4 paper, small ticket paper, etc. Although barcode paper can be used, its printing effect is not good, so it is generally not used. ,Such a waste.

4.Printing accuracy:

The "black and white strips" (or "bars") in the barcode vary based on their different widths, so the width accuracy of the "black and white strips" has a large impact on the reading of the barcode. . Barcodes can only be identified and read with accurate accuracy. This accuracy is determined by the barcode software and associated printers. The professional bar code printing software calculates the width of the black and white strip based on the accuracy of the printer and the bar code data designed by the user. It is controlled by the printer's barcode generation function during printing to ensure that the printed barcode matches the designed barcode. A normal printer prints the barcode as a complete image onto the label sheet. This makes it difficult to read an input device such as a scanner.

5.Print speed and print volume are different:

The bar code printer has the correct operation and good maintenance, can work 24 hours a day, and the print volume is unlimited. Barcode printers print faster than regular printers. Support serial number printing (barcode variability), you can pre-save the user-edited label format, or call the data in the database for batch and continuous printing. The barcode printer prints in units of labels (volumes). A normal printer is printed on a piece of paper. This shows that barcode printers are still very different from regular printers.

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