Why the barcode printer cannot detect the ribbon

- May 30, 2018-

Why the barcode printer cannot detect the ribbon



Tip: On the bar code printer's panel, we can see that there are multiple indicator lights in front, and there is a "CHECK RIBBON" indicator. If the machine is in the printing process, the "CHECK RIBBON" indicator is abnormal, indicating that the ribbon sensing error. The machine will stop printing.


    Factor 1: The printer user did not correctly install the ribbon. The ribbon is not installed or it is not installed according to the specified path, it will not be sensed by the ribbon sensor. Pay attention to the installation, you need to install according to the schematic diagram of the ribbon, and push the ribbon to the end.


    Factor 2: Barcode printer motherboard is broken or sensor data cable is loose. When the machine is in use, if carbon is properly installed and the sensor is working properly, carbon ribbon induction error may still occur. This may be the looseness of the sensor line or bad motherboard. The cable on the motherboard should be re-inserted. If the problem persists, the diagnosis is due to a motherboard problem and a new motherboard needs to be replaced.


    Factor 3: The ribbon sensor senses bad. The ribbon sensor will be damaged when it is damaged by man-made or when it is used for a long time. At this time, a new ribbon sensor needs to be replaced.

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