Why the bar code can't be scanned of some products

- Jun 13, 2018-

Why the bar code can't be scanned of some products?


First of all, you must have a common sense, not every product can scan the product name, specifications, price and other information.


 General the scanning software will use the bar code data provided by the relevant organization, but many products are not bar coded. For example, if we go to a foreign country and buy a product, if this product is not sold in China, then this product may not be taken to the relevant Chinese agencies for record keeping. There is also a company's internal circulation code. For example, we print inside televisions and other electrical appliances. We see some bar codes, but there is no record, only the company's circulation code. Therefore, the data of many products is uploaded and maintained by some large e-commerce companies. When you use a software to scan a product that has not yet entered data, you will be reminded to enter product-related information.


Whether "Scan", "I look up" and other code scanning software to identify the authenticity of goods is reliable?


This argument is wrong, such software does not have the function to distinguish between true and false. The reason is simple: counterfeiters are smart, and now the copy scanning technology is very advanced. The outer packaging of the product can be almost the same as 100%. This kind of software just scans the bar code, and you should never take it as naive that the spurious barcode will not be the same as the real barcode!

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