Why should distinguish the industrial scanners and commercial scanners

- May 23, 2018-

Why should distinguish the industrial scanners and commercial scanners


A: Difference of the scanner IP level


IP rating is one of the important safety features of electrical products. It is often referred to as the enclosure protection rating. This set of figures means that the lamp housing can ensure that the lamps work safely in the corresponding natural environment, and at the same time it does not create insecurity to the outside world.


The industrial environment is relatively harsh compared to the commercial environment. In the process of using a scanner, it is likely to encounter liquid intrusion, severe impact vibration, and a large amount of dust and other factors. So industrial scanners usually have an industrial grade rating to determine the stability and reliability of the scanner. On the contrary, the requirement of the commercial environment for the scanner IP level is greatly reduced.


B: Difference of Scanning Performance


The environment for industrial applications is very complicated. Sometimes it is necessary to scan the bar code under strong light. Sometimes it is necessary to operate outdoors, and sometimes it is necessary to scan the bar code at a long distance. These various factors have caused ordinary scanners are unable to meet the bar code collection requirements in industrial environments.  The most common bar code of commercial environment is the EAN-13 code. Many product bar codes are printed. The quality of the bar code is very good and it is easy to scan.


C: Difference of the price of the scanner


Industrial scanners are generally resistant to falling, dust, and water, so the price is high. Although Commercial scanners also have a certain IP rating, for the sake of cost, the generally rated industrial grade is also low. So commercial scanners are much cheaper than industrial scanners.


Although there are different scanner for industrial use and commercial use, the ultimate goal is to obtain better bar codes for scanning. Only different scanners are used for different use environments.

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