Why is the monitor black?

- Oct 31, 2019-

The general computer is on, and the display is black, which is probably for two reasons:

The first reason: there may be a bad connection between the host and the monitor (especially if the interface is not plugged in or loose), and there may be a problem with the connected data cable, so no signal is input to the screen. No display, black screen, but the host is still running normally. Processing method: Re-plug the connected data cable or replace the data cable.

The second reason: due to poor contact between the memory and the memory slot, the graphics card and the graphics card slot are not in good contact, resulting in a black screen, no signal output:

Treatment method: You can power off first, open the compartment, put out the memory, use the eraser to rub back and forth on the part of the golden finger (that is, where there is copper), and then insert it back into the memory slot (or Change a memory slot to insert back), it is ok, if there is a separate graphics card, you can also use the same method to deal with the graphics card, then plug it back into the graphics card slot, and finally install the machine, restart the computer is OK

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