Why can't the Datalogic M3200VSi platform scan mobile phone barcodes?

- Apr 09, 2020-

Datalogic M3200Vsi barcode reader introduces Datalogic's new imaging technology to high-volume fixed-point sales. This is the first barcode scanning platform, which retains the scanning speed and wide scanning angle of high-performance omnidirectional laser scanners while introducing imaging The benefits of technology. Its imaging technology provides excellent performance for bar codes that are difficult to read, such as broken codes, over-specification errors, poor print quality, and GS1DataBar, and supports both linear one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional code label decoding. The Magellan 3200VSi imager can be adapted to both sweep and presentation scans, ensuring the highest productivity and ergonomics.

By default, M3200Vsi disables the scanning of mobile phone screen barcodes. If you need to scan mobile phone screen barcodes, you need to enable the settings. If necessary, you can contact us.

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