Why Aging test is Esstential for Pos Terminal

- Apr 19, 2018-

Why Aging Test is Esstential for POS Terminal

Under normal circumstances,Electronic products have been used after running water and undergone simple circuit testing. However, they discovered that someproblem arises with a new pos machine, after put into use,most of them occur within a few hours to twenty hours on the first use. The after-sales service cost will be significantly increased, If you can't filter out products with potential problems,

In order to control the quality of ex-factory products, manufacturers wil add aging tests before circuit testing according ISO9001 quality managmen. Aging test is modeled on the use of equivalent products, so that the defective product will be exposed before delivery, such as various defects in the design, materials, and processes of the products... Reduce the repair rate. Testing the product , let the defevtive one leave it in the factory, give the users the good one, to ensure that the product sold to the user is reliable, that is the significance of the aging test.

In addition, the aging test includes component aging and machine aging. Especially new products, to evaluate the performance of new components or the whole machine, the aging index is higher. At present, the Pos cash register industry does not rigidly stipulate that the new pos machine must pass the aging test. At the same time, a large number of refurbished machines and assembly machines have flowed into the market, shoddy, and disrupted market prices.

However, one thing is certain is that the pos equipment sold at a very low price , it means that its parts and components and production management processes must be cut corners. At the same time, this kind of refurbished machines, assembly machines can not pass the aging test.

Therefore, when Clients purchase pos cash registers, they need to pay special attention to whether the Pos terminal pass the aging test or not, thus can completely avoid defective products such as refurbished pos machines and old reorganization pos machines.

All our Pos All in one use the 48-hour standard for aging testing:

1. The production workshop arranges worker to carry out 48-hour aging test for each batch product The inspectors must be familiar with the various properties of the product before the induction.

2. The inspectors must check each pos machine as required, detail record the specific time and specific phenomenon of the failure, report it in time;

3. The inspection frequency should be consistent with the daytime,during the night shifts of the inspectors.

4. When a special fault occurs in the aging process, maintenance workers cannot repair, need to contact the technical department to discuss in the meeting

5. After the aging test is over, it is transferred to FQC (finished product quality control) inspection.

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