Which user classes can be set in the background of the single cash register

- Sep 26, 2019-

As a consumer, every time I go to the supermarket or clothing store to make a checkout, I will find that the cashier must first log in to his or her username before making a checkout. I thought that this cash register machine can set up a separate account for each cashier. Can I only set up a cashier in the background of the single cash register? Xiaobian gives the following introduction:

  1. Cashier: The cashier uses the system to conduct cashier work after the cashier exercise. The system uses the system to scan the sales operations of the product barcode, input the member number, and return the goods.

2. Inventory manager: The warehouse manager manages all the goods in the warehouse, processes the goods submitted from the commodity shelf staff, and provides the available goods. Request new items from suppliers and track the flow of all items. They are users of inventory and product characteristics.

3. Purchaser: The purchaser processes the required purchase list made by the warehouse manager in the procurement department. They establish contact with the supplier and make and issue orders. The purchaser does not use the feature tracking in the system.

4. Commodity rackers: Commodity rackers are always paying attention to the shortage of goods issued by the cashier's office, so that the goods with less goods can be put on the shelves in time. They contacted the librarian and used the system to request merchandise from the librarian. They use the system several times a day to track the shelves of goods. The merchandiser on the shelf needs to find the merchandise that needs to be put on the shelf.

5, Manager: Have a very high level of system permissions, you can consult a lot of information. Through the system to understand the occupancy of inventory funds, through the online transaction query to understand the transaction revenue, through the cash register sales statistics analysis, keep abreast of the supermarket dynamics, in order to make good decisions.

6. Finance Officer: Collect statistics on operations, funds and commodity inventory, and manage financial trends.

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