Which POS machine venues need to use smart touch screen cash registers?

- Jul 19, 2019-

Scenario 1.

By paying attention to the Wechat public number of the coffee shop, customers can enter the online shop of the coffee shop, browse all kinds of coffee on the mobile phone, and order online, take-out, payment and so on. Businessmen receive orders through smart touch screen cash register in smart stores. They process orders automatically and intelligently. They print orders synchronously in the kitchen. Customers order online easily. Businessmen take orders and process orders easily. (self-service or merchant distribution)

Scenario 2.

Customers who come to the store for consumption can use the in-store sweeping order without going to the cashier or calling the waiter. You can enter the coffee shop's electronic menu (online shop) by setting up a two-dimensional code, such as table cards, table stickers, small programs and so on, and use WeChat or Alipay to scan the two-dimensional code to order, pay or call waiters. Waiters at the front desk can quickly receive orders and respond to customer calls through touch screen cash registers. Kitchens can deliver meals according to table number and category according to orders submitted by customers.

Scenario 3.

For a coffee shop that orders, pays, and eats, the clerk can use the smart touch screen cash register at the front desk to provide customers with the service of ordering, checking and so on. When the waiter orders, the merchant can sweep the customer's payment code or the customer actively sweep the merchant's receipt code to complete the counting and payment, etc.

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