Whether the temperature will affect the touch screen usage

- Aug 01, 2019-

Whether the temperature will affect the touch screen usage

The answer is YES

1, resistive touch screen:

For resistive touch screens, the relative temperature is less affected. because:

1) The process used is different, and the micro-circuit on the touch screen is connected to work, so it is less affected by the temperature.

2) The technical level of the resistive screen is relatively mature, and the materials used are all tested and accepted.

Finally, the operating temperature requirement of the resistive touch screen is between -20 ° C and 65 ° C, which can satisfy most environments. Therefore, its first temperature has little effect.

2, capacitive touch screen:

Capacitive touch screens typically operate at temperatures between -5 ° C and 60 ° C, making industrial tablets susceptible to the North. Instead, it uses a contact sensor to cause an induced voltage on the conductor on the screen to generate a relative current, and the touch point is measured by the distance. Therefore, in a low temperature environment, the surface of the palm skin has a low water vapor content and poor conductivity, which affects the performance of the sensor, causing it to fail to recognize the touch position and cause the touch to fail.

3, infrared touch screen:

Due to its single sensor, the infrared touch screen is easily damaged and aged, and the touch interface cannot withstand pollution, destructive, and complicated maintenance. Otherwise it will be restricted. When the temperature is low, the static electricity generated in the touch screen is easy to adsorb dust, which in turn affects the use of industrial tablet computers. So it is suitable for use in the aerospace industry.

4, indicating the sound wave screen

It indicates that the sound wave screen needs to pay strict attention to environmental sanitation. It is necessary to wipe the surface of the touch screen of the industrial tablet computer frequently to keep it clean and clean, and periodically and thoroughly wipe it off, because if dust, oil or even liquid is stained on the surface of the touch screen, It will cause the waveguide groove on the surface of the touch screen to block, so that the sound wave can not be emitted normally, or the waveform of the sensor can be changed, so that the controller can not correctly identify it, and the cost and maintenance cost are high. Therefore, it indicates that the sound wave screen needs to be maintained frequently

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