Whether the restaurant POS machine uses a touch screen or a non-touch screen

- Jul 15, 2019-

Nowadays, with the development of social economy, the catering industry continues to increase and expand, and people's quality of life continues to improve. Therefore, customers hoping to quickly and conveniently point to their favorite food types when dining at a food and beverage outlet, and the cashier can also quickly Solve the needs of consumers. Then most of this key step depends on the function of the POS cash register product. Therefore, many merchants have proposed that the POS store chooses the POS cash register. Is it a good touch screen cash register or a non-touch screen cash register?



Here, the touch screen cash register manufacturer introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages of using touch and non-touch cash registers:

The advantage of the non-touch cash register is that the cash register system can be operated with a keyboard and a mouse, and the cashier can be prevented from being multi-pointed and leaky. The use range is wide, and the disadvantage is that the operation time is long. The advantages of the touch-type cash register are that the screen is large, the operation is convenient, what the customer needs, only need to touch with the finger, and also save space for the checkout, reduce the storage position of the mouse and keyboard, and make the checkout look simple. a little. And Kexian can also promote the restaurant's special dishes or special package, etc., to attract more consumers.

Nowadays, the smart cash register on the market will try to be close to the smartphone in the operation experience. To put it directly, it is to let you operate the cash register like a mobile phone. In addition to the mainstream system such as Android on the cash register software system, the touch screen is also used on the cash register screen, so that you can directly operate the smart cash register without using the mouse and keyboard. Touch-screen cash registers are standard on many merchants today, improving your productivity and making your store look high-end.

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