Where is the embedded display monitor generally used?

- Feb 04, 2019-

Where is the embedded display monitor generally used?

1, embedded industrial display

Embedded industrial display, as its name implies, is definitely embedded in the customer's product. The customer's product requires a medium and large control cabinet. Our embedded display is only the panel, and the rest is pushed into the customer's equipment. Large control cabinets only need to open a large hole according to the size of the opening in our embedded display installation drawing. No other mounting holes are required in other places.

2, Open industrial display

Open industrial display is no face frame, only internal, most of the customer's application is mainly small size of the device has a beautiful shell, there is not much space to install general displays, such as atm machine, commercial pos, etc., generally It is installed inside the client device.

3, Flip-chip industrial display

The flip-chip industrial display, as the name suggests, is reverse mounted in the customer's cabinet and equipment. It is installed inside the client machine. Unlike the open type, it has a power supply for the case, and his edge is connected to the customer's case. Edge overlap, generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as power, machinery, medical industry.

4, Rack industrial display

The rack-mounted industrial display is usually mounted on a 19-inch cabinet, so his width is a standard 19-inch, and the mounting holes are opened according to the standard u number. Generally used in large cabinets such as telecommunications, electric power, and large servers.

5, Wall-mounted industrial display

The characteristic of the wall-mounted industrial display is that he can hang up, not only on the wall, but most of them are installed on the customer's equipment. It can adjust the angle according to the customer's requirements, and with the appropriate mounting arm, he can Feel free to stay in any position for users to watch, generally used in small, medium and large equipment.

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