What we can do if the memory of POS system come into trouble?

- Oct 11, 2017-

What we can do if the memory of POS system come into trouble?


Memory as a cash register one of the main hardware, in the event of failure, the cash register will not be able to use. If the cash register in the process, the cash register has failed, how do we judge the memory is not caused by the failure? If it is a memory failure, and how to solve it?


(1) cash register boot no display

 Memory will appear such a failure is generally due to memory and motherboard memory slots caused by poor contact, as long as the use of eraser to wipe the gold finger parts to solve the problem (do not use alcohol and other cleaning), there is memory damage or Motherboard memory slot problems can also cause such failures. Host speakers are always buzzing for a long time (for Award Bios) due to a memory failure.


(2) Windows registry is often no reason to damage, prompting the user to restore

Such failures are generally due to poor quality of the memory caused, it is difficult to be repaired, only the replacement of a way.


(3) cash register system often automatically enter the safe mode

This type of failure is generally due to the motherboard and the memory is not compatible with the memory or poor quality, caused by high frequency memory for some does not support this frequency memory on the motherboard, you can try to reduce the memory settings in the CMOS read Speed to see if the problem can be solved, if not, then only replace the memory.


(4) cashier suddenly crash

This type of failure is generally due to the use of several different chips of the memory, due to the different speed of each memory to produce a time difference resulting in a crash, which can be set within the CMOS to reduce the speed of memory to be resolved, otherwise, only use the same model memory The There is a possibility that is not compatible with the motherboard and the motherboard, such phenomena are generally rare, there may be a bad memory and motherboard contact caused by a sudden collapse of the cash register.


(5) memory increased but the system resources reduced

 This phenomenon is generally due to the motherboard is not compatible with the memory caused by common high-frequency memory for some of the memory does not support this frequency on the motherboard, when such a failure after you can try in COMS will The speed of the memory set a little lower try.


(6) cash registers run some software often appear when the memory shortage tips

 This phenomenon is generally due to the lack of space on the system disk, you can delete some useless files, leaving some space can be, generally maintained at around 300M is appropriate.

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